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Top 5 Tips for your Video Audition

Getting ready to submit your application for the 10th Anniversary World Ballet Competition USA held in Orlando, Florida, USA? We gathered our Top 5 helpful tips for frequently asked questions....

 #1 Age of Competitor

The Dancer's birth date is determined as of May 1, 2016.


Applications are reviewed in groups based on the date they are received.

Video Auditions for the 10th Anniversary Orlando Finals are accepted from November 1 - March 1. However only 120 soloists can be accepted among pas de deux competitors and ensemble groups. Those submitting at the last minute or near the deadline are highly likely to be placed on the Waiting List!

#3 Video Submission

Video Audition

Individual Category: You must submit a video of a Classical Variation(s) from the WBC 2016 Repertoire List. Introductory and Preparatory applicants submit one (1) classical solo. Pre-Professional and Professional applicants submit two (2) classical solos.

Pas de Deux Category: You must submit a video of a Classical Pas de Deux(s) from the WBC 2016 Repertoire List. The pas de deux dancers must not exceed a 3 year age difference of his/her partner.

Ensemble Category: You must submit a video of a classical or contemporary ensemble(s); choreography must be created within 5 years of the competition date.

Applicants may use a costume or class attire (with no additional accessories). If sending a video from a performance, the video must only feature the applicant(s) of the World Ballet Competition.

#4 Make Sure Your Application is Complete

Your application must include all required items ($50 Audition fee, Application form, Headshot, Short biography, Video, and Copy of your birth certificate or passport).

Incomplete Applications will not be sent to the Judging Panel. If your application is missing an item, you will be notified by WBC Staff and your application will only be submitted when all items have been received. *If your application is sent near the deadline, this could cause an even greater delay in your application being seen by the panel.

**Be sure to read about all requirements on our "How to Qualify" page for all details on submitting your Video Audition: http://www.worldballetcompetition.com/finals/how-to-qualify/how-to-qualify.html

#5 If Accepted as a WBC USA 2016 Competitor, You Have Requirements for each Competition Round

World Ballet Competition - Julia Anne Conway

Each Age Category in the Individual Division has a different number of rounds and solo requirements. Competitors with the highest scores will advance to the next round.

Below you will find the total number of solos if you make it to all of the rounds.

 # of Rounds


One Round


Two Rounds


Three Rounds


Three Rounds





4 (1 may be repeated)

4 (1 may be repeated)





2 (1 may be repeated)


View the complete details of the Competition Round Requirements for each category here: http://www.worldballetcompetition.com/finals/how-to-qualify/adjudication.html


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